Agenda and minutes

Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board
Monday, 5th December, 2011 9.00 a.m.

Venue: The Board Room - Municipal Building, Widnes. View directions

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Board Introductions


            The Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Shadow Board. Each member introduced themselves and a pack of pen portraits were circulated for information.




Background and Context pdf icon PDF 52 KB


            The Chief Executive, David Parr, provided an overview of the aims of the Shadow Board for the next 12 months as developing a model for an established Health and Wellbeing Board by April 2013.


The Board was advised that it was intended that the Shadow Board would be responsible for guiding and overseeing the implementation of the ambitions outlined in the Health White Papers, “Healthy Lives, Healthy People”, and “Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS”, as well as providing the strategic direction for the Health priority in Halton.


It was agreed that membership of the Shadow Board would be regularly reviewed and updated depending on how the health agenda developed during this shadow period.






Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 30 KB


            The Board considered a report on the proposed Draft Terms of Reference.


            The Board would be responsible for overseeing and implementing the ambitions set out in the Health White Papers, “Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS”, and “Healthy Lives – Healthy People”, the health strategy for England, as well as providing the strategic direction for the Health priority in Halton.


            The Board discussed the importance of producing the strategy to underpin the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.


            The suggested terms of reference detailed in the report included:


  • Principle responsibilities
  • Other responsibilities
  • Membership
  • Frequency of Meetings
  • Chairmanship
  • Arrangements for a quorum at meetings
  • Decision making powers
  • Distribution of Minutes
  • Arrangements for Review


RESOLVED: That, subject to meetings being held monthly, the Draft Terms of Reference be adopted.




Accountability pdf icon PDF 180 KB


            The Board considered the document ‘Operating Principles for Health and Wellbeing Boards’.


            The document contained a set of operating principles intended to help the Board consider how to create effective partnerships across local government, local communities and the NHS. These principles were listed as :


1)     to provide collective leadership to improve health and wellbeing across the local authority area, enable shared decision-making and ownership of decisions in a n open and transparent way;


2)     To achieve democratic legitimacy and accountability, and empower local people to take part in decision-making;


3)     To address health inequalities by ensuring quality, consistency and comprehensive health and local government services are commissioned and delivered in the area; and


4)     To identify key priorities for health and local government commissioning and develop clear plans for how commissioners can make best use of their combined resources to improve local health and wellbeing outcomes in the short, medium and long term.


RESOLVED: That the Operating Principles be adopted.


Structures pdf icon PDF 63 KB

Additional documents:


The Board considered a document which outlined the current organisation structure of the Halton Strategic Partnership and the proposed structure of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB).

The current structure of the Strategic Partnership Board showed linkages to Halton’s existing Locality Area Forums. The Board discussed how their involvement in the health agenda could be enhanced.

The proposed structure of the HWB included three sub groups which were intended to be the vehicle for development of the work to be presented to the main Shadow Board. The three sub groups would be :-


·        Health Strategy Group

·        Commissioning Sub Group

·        Public Health Commissioning Sub Group


RESOLVED That the proposed structure for the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board be agreed.



Refresh of Joint Strategic Needs Assessment pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Dympna Edwards provided an update on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Executive Summary 2010/11.


The JSNA was a means by which the Primary Care Trusts and Local Authorities described the future of health and wellbeing needs of the local populations and the strategic direction of service delivery to meet those needs.


It was noted that the JSNA would be used to inform commissioning decisions and be the main evidence driver for the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) which would operate in Halton. Using the findings of the JSNA, a high level strategy would be developed as part of the new responsibility of the HWB.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.



Key Reports


The Board received a verbal report from the Strategic Director, Communities, which explained the linkages between a number of statutory reports and the work of the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.


RESOLVED: That the Shadow Board receive a brief overview presentation of the following plans at the next meeting:

·        Adults

·        Clinical Commissioning Group

·        Joint Hospital Trusts

·        5 Borough Service Providers

·        LiNKS



Health and Wellbeing Strategy pdf icon PDF 36 KB


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities, on the  requirement of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) to produce a local HWB Strategy.


The report outlined the functions of HWB’s, the requirements to produce a strategy as part of its statutory responsibilities, the relationship between the Strategy and Section 75 arrangements, the co-production of the strategy and the gathering of views from the partner agencies, and the scoping exercise for the HWB strategy.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted and a further detailed report be presented to the next meeting.



Health Action Zones pdf icon PDF 43 KB

Additional documents:



The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities which advised on the outcomes of the Health Summit in June 2011.


The Board noted that implementing changes outlined in the NHS proposals would mean greater integration with the Council, taking greater responsibility for health improvement, well-being and associated public health services in Halton.


One of the key ideas arising from the health summit was the proposal to establish 7 health zones in Halton, to mirror the existing Area Forum boundaries. Each zone would adopt a healthy lifestyle approach and encourage local businesses, schools, colleges, GP Practices, restaurants and takeaways to apply the relevant standards to become part of the zone.


In addition, the Board considered the possibility of developing a fully integrated, scaled up and systematic wellness model, in line with the Marmott Review and the NST for Health Inequalities. A diagram of this was attached at Appendix 3.


RESOLVED: That the areas detailed in Appendix 2 be agreed and re-named Healthy Lifestyle Zones.





Communication and Marketing


The Board considered the need for a communications strategy, which embraced a number of methods of communication both for GP’s and external users. Members viewed an e-portal system demonstrated by Simon Riley   and Emma Danton form Halton’s ICT Service.

 Board members were encouraged to submit comments or suggestions on how they would like the website to be develop, to the project co-ordinator, Emma Danton by email :


RESOLVED: That the presentation be noted and work on a communications strategy be commenced.



Next Steps


David Parr outlined the next steps for the Shadow Board from the actions arising at the meeting. These were agreed as:-


·        Agree to review membership of the Board at regular intervals

·        Identify Lead Officers, membership and workloads for the Health Strategy Group, the Commissioning Sub Group and the Public Health Commissioning Sub Group

·        Review the JSNA strategy and decide on priorities

·        Develop a communications strategy and develop an e-portal facility

·        Presentations on partnership plans to be prepared for the next meeting (maximum of 5 minutes)

·        A note of this meeting to be made available on the e-portal and shared by email to all members

·        The Healthy Lifestyle Zones be developed and shared with GP’s and the Local Authority



Date and Time of Next Meeting


Board Members agreed that it would be appropriate to convene monthly meetings of the Shadow Board rather than quarterly meetings, the first meeting to commence on 22 February 2012.


RESOLVED: that the following meeting dates for 2012 be confirmed at 2.00pm in the Karalius Suite, Halton Stadium, Widnes:


22 February

21 March

25 April

23 May


18 July

12 September

10 October

14 November

12 December