Agenda and minutes

Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board
Wednesday, 18th July, 2012 12.30 p.m.

Venue: Karalius Suite, Halton Stadium, Widnes. View directions

Contact: Gill Ferguson on 0151 5118059 

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Minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 46 KB


            The Minutes of the meeting held on 20th June 2012 were taken as read and signed as a correct record, subject to the following amendments:


·         Under Minute No HWB2 Cardio Vascular disease was not included in the list of the Board’s Health priorities; and

·         Minute No HWB3 should be amended to read that ‘Halton CCG had expected an allocation of around £3.2m’.


            It was noted that Under Minute No HWB6, The Priory Hospital, following feedback from CQC, further developments had superseded the original report and an update report would be presented to the next meeting.


Health and Wellbeing - Mapping of Investment pdf icon PDF 46 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director Communities which provided information outlining the overall approximate spend between Halton and St Helens PCT and Halton Borough Council that contributed to supporting/improving health and wellbeing of the population of Halton. It was noted that:


·         Appendix 1 outlined the total spend attributed to acute, community and primary care provision within Halton; 

·         Appendix 2 contained a chart and information about the north west weighted cost per head of population; and

·         Appendix 3 to the report outlined the total spend attributed to the Health and Wellbeing agenda contributed via Halton Borough Council’s Communities and Children and Enterprise Directorates and included Public Health spend.


             It was proposed that the information obtained as part of this exercise should be used to help inform the development of the Health and Wellbeing strategy and the priorities agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board on 20th June as follows:


-          Medical Health;

-          Falls;

-          Alcohol;

-          Cancer; and

-          Child development




  1. the contents of the report and associated appendices be noted; and


  1. the Board consider whether further work needs to take place in terms of identifying spend from other Board Member organisations which can be attributed to supporting the Health and Wellbeing agenda within Halton. 


Merseyside Commissioning Support Service pdf icon PDF 35 KB


            The Committee considered a report which highlighted progress on discussions to establish a Commissioning Support Service to the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) across Merseyside.  The current Merseyside CCGs would take up their new commissioning functions formally in April 2013 (subject to authorisation) and had been in shadow form across Merseyside since April 2012.  Currently within the North West each CCG would be supported by a Commissioning Support Service (CSS) across a sub region.  Within Merseyside this included the 5 Merseyside local authorities including Halton, St Helens, Liverpool, Knowsley and Sefton.


            The Board was advised that Merseyside Commissioning Support Service (MCSS) had been established to support the CCGs to carry out their new duties subject to meeting the requirements of the Department of Health Authorisation process.  There was an expectation that any organisation set up to provide support services to CCGs must be independent of the NHS by 2016.  It was reported that over the last 12 months the MCSS had developed a detailed business plan which had passed stage 2 in the (DOH) approval process.  Once the MCSS was through the implementation phase it could create its own trading company or go into partnership with companies in order to provide services to all the CCGs in Merseyside.  In future years it could compete or merge with neighbouring CSS.


            It was noted that within the MCSS Business Plan there was a range of core services that it would offer to CCGs.  In the interim, each one of the LAs specific CCGs had signed up to a 12 month Service Level Agreement with the emerging MCSS for their core offer and would continue through existing contractual mechanisms. In addition local authorities, as public sector providers, could have a significant potential role as suppliers of commissioning support services to the CCGs and enter into agreement around lead commissioning arrangements over a wider Merseyside footprint. 


            Members of the Board were advised that in February 2012 Merseyside Chief Executives tasked the Directors of Adults Social Services (DASS) in the 5 local authorities to identify opportunities to work more closely together on areas of mutual benefit.  A pilot project exploring the benefits of integrated commissioning across CCGs, MCSS and local authorities had already begun with Knowsley taking the lead to reduce the number of 30 day re-admission rates for Liverpool, Knowsley and Halton.  Staff from the co-operating local authorities were being made available to work in a virtual team under one project lead at Knowsley responsible to an overarching Board led by DASS/MCSS.  Sefton and St Helens were discussing the potential of them joining this pilot.


            RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Framework for Integrated Commissioning in Halton and Action Plan pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director Communities which outlined the framework for Integrated Commissioning in Halton document and associated Action Plan, which attempted to capture strategic commissioning landscape across Halton in order to set the framework and recommendations for true commissioning integration across the borough.  The documents highlight a number of recommendations to assist with improving local partnership working for commissioning services currently and in the future.  Key recommendations made within the document included:


-          Pooling resources to ensure cost effective commissioning;

-          Building on partnership working to date;

-          Championing the use of Joint Strategic Needs assessment amongst commissioners in the borough;

-          Compiling a list of all commissioning services to ensure no duplication;

-          Encouraging new commissioners to draw on local knowledge and experience of community engagement;

-          Emphasising the importance of capturing service users experienced and knowledge of maintaining the balance so as not to exclude valuable community group knowledge from the commissioning process;

-          Developing a performance management framework that can be used for comparisons for best value and outcomes; and

-          Urging commissioners to take a long term view and incorporate early intervention and prevention at the heart of commissioning intentions.


            It was noted that responsibility for the review and update of the Action Plan would be held by the Commissioning Sub Group of the Health and Wellbeing Board.  In addition a number of associated actions were currently being progressed e.g. the co-location of the CCG and the mapping of investment and these associated actions had been incorporated into the Action Plan.


            It was agreed that Page 27, recommendation 7 be amended to include National Commissioning Board Local Area Team instead of The Merseyside Cluster.


            RESOLVED: That


  1. the report be noted;


  1. the draft framework (Appendix 1) and associated Action Plan (Appendix 2) be approved; and


3.    Page 27, recommendation 7 be amended to include National Commissioning Board Local Area Team instead of The Merseyside Cluster.


Healthwatch - Update pdf icon PDF 39 KB


            The Board received an update report on the development and commissioning of Halton’s local Healthwatch.  Subject to parliamentary approval, local authorities would be under a duty to ensure there was an effective and efficient local Healthwatch in their area from April 2013.  It was noted that the current commissioning timeline had already been developed and a draft specification had been completed.  The commissioning process was due to begin on 1st October and would be concluded by January 14th 2013, with the new contract commencing on 1st April 2013.


            Members were advised that Halton LINk was currently seeking external advice and support with regard to its current status and the actions required to develop sufficiently to be in position to either submit a formal tender in October or to be able to deliver the full range of duties as outlined in national guidance and the local specification.


            RESOLVED: That the report be noted.



Locality Health Areas - Branding (Update) pdf icon PDF 698 KB


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director Communities on the progress of developing a brand/logo for locality health areas.  A questionnaire was developed to gather information on residents’ perceptions of what’s good about living in Halton and why, what they would improve and what makes them feel good.  A sample of over 430 residents participated; this was a targeted approach to ensure a cross section of Halton’s community was represented.  In addition attendees at the Health and Wellbeing Engagement Event on 30th May also contributed to the exercise.


            Members were advised that a thematic analysis of the raw data was compiled which demonstrated 5 key themes had emerged


-          A sense of community;

-          A sense of belonging/wanting to belong;

-          Accessibility;

-          History and pride; and

-          Strong value of green spaces and open environment in the borough.


            It was reported that the Director of Public Health and the Community Development Manager had attended the recent round of 7 area forums to present the health picture for each area and engage with Council Members and the community on the concept of locality health areas.  Each area forum had identified key priorities they would like to focus on, 4 of the forums had agreed to hold themed events in the autumn around their health and wellbeing priorities.


            Following the consultation process creative designers at Halton Borough Council had developed options for a logo for the locality health areas and copies of the proposals were circulated at the meeting.


            RESOLVED: That


1.    the ‘My Halton, Living Life Well’ logo (as circulated at the meeting) be approved as the locality health areas logo;


2.    a marketing strategy be developed, considering how the logo can be used by all partner organisations, and brought back to a future meeting.


Health and Wellbeing Strategy - Update pdf icon PDF 26 KB


            The Board received an update report from the Director of Public Health on the progress and development of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Halton.  Following the gathering and analysing of information and intelligence from a variety of sources including the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, a comprehensive of list of health and wellbeing needs for Halton had been produced.  This list was then prioritised in a transparent way by Halton’s Health and Wellbeing Board through the use of a prioritisation framework.  This enabled the Board to agree 5 priorities for the next 12 months at which stage they would be reviewed.  A prioritisation exercise produced 5 key priorities as follows:


-          Mental health;

-          Falls;

-          Alcohol;

-          Cancer; and

-          Child development


            It was noted that work would now need to take place to complete the final draft of the strategy to incorporate these priorities and develop associated actions plans. A copy of the draft strategy document would be sent to Members in the next few weeks and a further update would be provided to the next meeting of the Board.


            RESOLVED: That a copy of the draft strategy document be sent to Members in the next few weeks and a further update be provided to the next meeting of the Board.


NW Health and Wellbeing Board Simulation Events pdf icon PDF 10 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board was advised that the North West Health and Wellbeing Board’s Simulation Event would be held on 26th and 27th September 2012 in Manchester.  This was a one day event which was being repeated to allow all Boards in the North West the opportunity to attend. It was noted that 4-7 Board Members could attend the event and those Members interested were invited to contact Eileen O’Meara.


            RESOLVED: That the information be noted.


Health and Wellbeing Board Sub Groups - Update pdf icon PDF 24 KB


            The Board was advised that since the last meeting in June there had been no further meeting of the sub groups.  The newly formed Commissioning Sub Group had met on 17th July and it was reported that the group had discussed the development of a life styles model and sexual health commissioning.


            A further meeting of the Health Strategy Group would take place week commencing 30th July.


            RESOLVED: That the report be noted.