Agenda and minutes

Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board
Wednesday, 10th October, 2012 2.00 p.m.

Venue: Karalius Suite, Halton Stadium, Widnes. View directions

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            The Minutes of the meeting held on 12th September 2012 were taken as read and signed as a correct record.


Presentation by the local area team from nhs merseyside in respect of the new operating arrangements for the former strategic health authority


            The Board received a presentation from Claire Duggan, Local Area Director for the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) which outlined the role of the Board, its aims and future challenges and opportunities, the Local Area Team structure, the phases to NHS CB establishment and its values and ways of working. Members noted that key to the Board’s aims and objectives were to develop successful partnerships at both national and local levels, including involvement with the Health and Wellbeing Board.


            Members of the Board asked questions around:


·         where immunisation sat within the NCB team; and

·         safeguarding and where that was in terms of the structure.


In response it was noted that immunisation was within the responsibilities of the NCB team and it was important that early on links with Public Health were established. With regard to safeguarding, the responsibility was within the Nursing Directorate.


            It was noted that the Commissioning Director post was still vacant but once appointed they would be invited to attend future meetings of the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.


            RESOLVED: That


1.    the presentation be noted; and


2.    once appointed the Commissioning Director be invited to attend future meetings of the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.


Presentation on Mental Health pdf icon PDF 16 KB


            The Board received a presentation from Jen Brown a representative from Bridgewater Health Care which provided a demonstration of the web site The web site aimed to raise awareness of mental health issues whilst assisting individuals to self-manage their health. The site contained information on:


·         Promoting healthy lifestyles;

·         Medication;

·         A password protected Clinician section – with referral forms

·         A young peoples’ area;

·         A veterans section;

·         Information on self-help and social prescribing; and

·         Suicide prevention.


            It was noted that promotional materials for the web site were being circulated to a variety of public places such as GP’s, community centres, libraries this week. It was agreed that a link to the web site would be posted on


            RESOLVED: That the presentation be noted.


Troubled Families / Inspiring Families Update pdf icon PDF 45 KB


            The Board received an update on the development of the Troubled Families programme. The Government had developed the programme to ensure that 120,000 troubled families were turned around by 2015. The focus of the troubled families investment and initiative was to concentrate attention on a jointly agreed and named group of families to turnaround their lives and future outcomes. The report set out the framework for identifying ‘troubled families’ which explained the following:


·         the process for drawing up the list of families who would be part of the programme;

·         the criteria drawn up by government;

·         how to use local intelligence on families with serious problems who were high cost;

·         the criteria for identifying which of the above families were eligible for additional funding from government by payment by results;

·         what would need to be achieved with each family in order to claim payment by results;

·         Halton’s position (written commitment had been provided that Halton would engage with 375 Troubled Families);

·         the proposed profile for the number of families and how the project was intended to work with them over 3 years;

·         performance and monitoring outcomes in Halton, including three additional outcomes proposed for Halton families;

·         Halton had re-named the initiative the ‘Inspiring Families Project”; and

·         next steps.


It was noted that the Troubled Families Strategy Group had met in July 2012 and examined four different commissioning models that could be used to implement the operational delivery of the troubled families programme. It was agreed that the most viable option was to ‘scale up’ existing services which would be Team around the Family model.


            Arising from the discussion it was reported that a letter would be sent to Caldicott Guardians to request for data to be shared.


            RESOLVED: That


1.    Halton’s approach to Troubled Families Programme be supported; and


2.      to aid the process of data information sharing required from Health and Hospitals.


Public Health Annual Report pdf icon PDF 38 KB


            The Board received an update report on the development of the Halton & St Helens Public Health Annual Report for 2012-2013. The Annual report was the Director of Public Health’s (DPH) independent assessment of the health of the local population. The 2012/13 report would be the final report covering the Halton & St Helens PCT footprint, with public health commissioning arrangements being fully established on a borough level for both areas from 1st April 2013.


            It was noted that the theme for the Annual report was ‘Much achieved…much still to do’. The dissolution of the PCT provided an opportunity to reflect on what had been achieved over the last few years, whilst recognising the challenges that still faced both boroughs. The report would be presented to the final PCT Board in March 2013.


            RESOLVED: That the theme and development of the Public Health Annual Report be noted.


Arrangements To Secure Children's and Adult Safeguarding in the Future NHS


            The Board received a report of the Strategic Director, Children and Enterprise, which provided an update on the NHS Commissioning Board report: Arrangements to secure Children’s and Adult Safeguarding in the future NHS. Within the new NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB), responsibility for safeguarding would sit in the Nursing Directorate. It was reported that the Chief Nursing Officer had been asked to create a new accountability and assurance framework, working with colleagues across the Department of Health, the NHS and wider partners.


            It was noted that interim advice had been produced, with the comprehensive framework being finalised in the autumn alongside the revised statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children. The interim advice outlined emerging accountability and assurance framework for NHS safeguarding and the work underway to develop this. It was also designed to inform and underpin the CCG and NHS CB decisions on structures, capability and resources during the next phases of authorisation and transition.


            RESOLVED: That the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board:


1.    note the arrangements from the NHS Commissioning Board regarding safeguarding for both children and adults;


2.    consider a local response to the arrangements; and


3.    note that the arrangements will be the subject of a report to the Halton Safeguarding Children Board and Adult Safeguarding Board.


Halton Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) : Annual Report 2011/12 pdf icon PDF 36 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered a copy of the HSAB Annual Report 2011/12. The report described how organisations and individuals across all sectors were working together to safeguard vulnerable people. As well as reporting on the HSAB’s work over the past twelve months, the Annual Report explained the national context in which the HSAB were currently operating and listed the Board’s priorities for the coming year.


            RESOLVED: That the contents of the report and the associated Annual Report (Appendix 1) be noted.