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Performance Management Reports, Quarter 3 2015-16

Meeting: 08/03/2016 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 43)

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The Strategic Director, People and Economy, presented the performance management reports for quarter 3 of 2015-16 and requested Members to consider the progress and performance information and raise any questions or points for clarification they may have.


The report provided an overview of issues and progress against key service area objectives and milestones and performance targets, during the third quarter of 2015-16 for those service areas that fell within the remit of this Board.  These were as follows:


·       Prevention and Assessment

·       Commissioning and Complex Care (including housing operational areas); and

·       Public Health.


Members made the following points:


·       Discussion took place around the Members visits to Social Workers that occurred some years ago and a suggestion that these be reinstated.  This was clarified as being  visits to Social Workers in Childrens’ Social Care that took place following the Climbie case but had since stopped;

·       Reference made to PA 2’s direction of travel – could be explained due to some Social Workers not signing off cases as complete when in fact they were; and

·       Cancer screening facility – noted that the mobile one had moved to Warrington and would be relocated locally as soon as possible.


The Chairman wished to convey her thanks to all Members and Officers’ for their hard work and support with scrutiny groups over the past year.


RESOLVED:  That the quarter 3 priority based reports be received.