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Annual Road Safety Statistics Report

Meeting: 27/02/2019 - Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board (Item 33)

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The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which gave details of road traffic collision and casualty numbers within the Borough in the year 2017.


The Board was advised that Appendix A to the report set out full details of the numbers of traffic collisions and casualties in the year 2017, and compared these figures with those from previous years. These results were very encouraging, with a decrease in casualty numbers of people slightly injured and of those killed/seriously (KSI) injured, compared to those figures for 2016. Overall Halton was one of the best performing local authorities both regionally and nationally in terms of casualty reduction in 2017.


In addition, the report highlighted the work the Road Safety Team would continue to undertake during the year with an extensive programme of education, training and publicity.




1)    the overall progress made on casualty reduction in Halton over the past decade be noted and welcomed; and


2)    the 2019 programme of road safety education, training and publicity be endorsed.