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Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Review Autumn 2021 – 2022

Meeting: 08/11/2021 - Children Young People and Families Policy and Performance Board (Item 20)

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The Board considered a report from the Strategic Director – People, which provided a summary of the revised Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) Report.


It was noted that Sections 6 and 7 of The Childcare Act (2006) and the associated statutory guidance: Early Education and Childcare – Statutory guidance for local authorities (March 2018), required all local authorities in England to undertake and provide an annual childcare sufficiency report to elected Council Members on how they were meeting their duty to secure sufficient childcare and to make it available to the public.  In accordance with this, Halton’s Childcare Sufficiency Assessment had been reviewed and updated – this was attached to the report.


            The CSA report detailed achievements since the last review and outlined Halton’s current position.  It also highlighted any gaps in provision and explained how these were being addressed. The report also shared how Covid-19 was impacting the childcare sector and identified any potential sustainability concerns for some providers. 


Members’ debated the following:


·         The cost of childcare for families – this was dependent upon the age of the child and the premises costs of the setting, so was variable;

·         Requirements to be a childminder – have to be registered with Ofsted and adhere to statutory conditions such as Early Years Foundation Stage Framework; Ofsted Inspection Frameworks and Regulations and planning requirements;

·         The difference between a childminder and a nursery;

·         Provision for 3 and 4 year olds – this was clarified – all 3 and 4 year olds whose parents met the 30 hour eligibility criteria were entitled to 30 hours free childcare; and

·         Parents were free to shop around to suit their own commitments for example and were allowed to use more than one setting to equal the 15 hours universal offer or 30 hours if eligible and met their needs.


RESOLVED:  That the Board approves the revised Childcare Sufficiency Assessment.