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Presentation: Live Life Well


The Board received a presentation from Jen Brown, Health Improvement Specialist, Bridgewater which:-


·       Explained that was a complete all you need website which supported social prescribing and was designed to improve mental health;


·       Set out a picture of the website’s home page and the various sections; eat well; exercise well; socialise well; manage well; think well and medication;


·       Demonstrated how easy it was to use the website and highlighted the social subscribing links for people to non-clinical services within the community;


·       Highlighted the suicide prevention section of the website;


·       Explained that the self help was based on CBT principles;


·       Demonstrated the interactivity of the website; and


·       Explained that the website contained the following; online step by step self help section for depression, anxiety and sleep; a suicide prevention section which can be filled in by the public or a health professional; a resources section for all downloadable leaflets for local/national services; a medication section; a signposting section and referral forms for services to be printed off.


The Board was advised that the website had been established over a twelve month period and would hold all the relevant information that an individual or clinician would require if they had been affected by mental health issues.  There was also a clinician section on the website for referral forms which was password protected.  The site supported social prescribing GPs and members of the public.  Leaflets and business cards with details of the website was circulated at the meeting.


The following points arose from the discussion:-


·       Concern was raised that people who did not have access to a computer or who were computer illiterate would not be able to access the site.  In response, it was reported that there was free access to a computer in all local libraries and free computer courses were available;


·       Clarity was sought on how the site would be monitored and whether details would be available on whether the site was delivering what it was intended and who was using the site.  In response, it was reported that the site would be monitored via Google analytics. However, as it was an anonymous site, details would not be available on the users;


·       The Board agreed that the site was very easy to use; understandable and gave clear guidance and access to relevant information and contact telephone numbers;


·       It was noted that the site was being developed to make it fully accessible to people with disabilities i.e blind and partially sighted people;


·       It was noted that the model was being considered for diabetes and Parkinsons disease.


·       It was suggested that the website could be available via an APP as many people accessed the internet via their phone or ipad/tablet; and


·       Concern was raised that as it was a self help site, it may result in individuals self medicating and this could have a detrimental effect.  In response, it was reported that the medication section states that medication is undertaken in partnership with a clinician.  In addition it was reported that all the information on the site was advice from the guidance and individuals are advised to seek help.




(1)        the presentation be received:


(2)        the comments raised be noted; and


(3)        Jen Brown be thanked for her informative presentation.



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