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Francis Inquiry Update


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities, which provided Members with information in relation to the recommendations and actions from the Francis Inquiry.  The report was produced from the publicly held inquiry into the care provided by Mid Staffordshire NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust.  It provided 290 recommendations and was clear in its challenge to all of those involved (commissioners, regulators and others) that they had in many ways failed to protect the patients.


The Board noted the actions that had been completed with all the local NHS providers since the publication of the Inquiry set out in paragraph 3.2 of the report.


The Board was advised that since the publication of the Francis Review there had been the publication of the Kehoe Reviews and the Cavendish Inquiry both of which linked directly to the issues identified in the Francis Inquiry and had major impacts on service providers and the quality of care. It was reported that a short overview of these reports would be presented to the Board in the future.


It was reported that the CCG had set core standards for providers and stretched developmental targets.  The CCG had agreed two areas; commencing with community services in mental health. In addition, it was reported that regular update reports would be presented to the Board.


The following comments arose from the discussion:-


·             The Board noted the numerous mechanisms for receiving complaints and concerns in order to create effective change and improvements;


·             Concern was raised regarding the reference to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the report and clarity was sought on why they were still being utilised as it was suggested that they had a bad reputation and there was no public confidence in the service they provided.  In response, it was reported that quality performance was being closely monitored and that the CQC was improving, although it was recognised that they had lost public confidence.  However, it was reported that a very good quality schedule was ensured for providers;


·             Clarity was sought on how concerned the CCG, GP’s and A&E in hospitals were about services coping during the winter months.   In response, it was reported that a significant amount of preventative work had taken place planning for winter in Warrington and St Helens.  Whiston hospital had the flexibility for 30/40 beds on a weekly basis and it was hoped that it would be a milder winter.  It was felt that plans were in place as far as they possibly could be and NHS England were happy with them;


·             It was noted that all providers locally had agreed to deliver improvements in care via a Commissioning for Quality and Innovation and that was in place;


·             It was noted that nursing strategies and staffing levels, training and competencies of nursing staff and Health Care Assistants had been completed;


·             It was noted that the CCG Quality Committee was reviewing quality across all providers and working closely with LA colleagues to ensure that quality is fundamental to service delivery in all areas; and


·             The Board agreed that an update report would be presented to the meeting in January 2014.




(1)        The progress being made and the plans for on-going monitoring and comments raised be noted; and


(2)        The Board receive an update report in January 2014.



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