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Scrutiny Review of Mental Health Promotion Report 2013-14


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities, which presented the mental health promotion scrutiny review report and recommendations.


The Board was advised that the report outlined the key findings of the review and made a number of recommendations for consideration set out in Appendix 1 to the report.


The Board was further advised that the scrutiny topic had been commissioned by the Health PPB topic group, with representatives from the Children, Young People and Families PPB, with a view to developing a joint intergenerational prevention and promotion campaign to tackle mental health stigma locally.


        It was reported that the group had looked at how mental health was being promoted and a range of services and interventions that were in place to prevent further escalation of a mental health problems. The Topic Group had sought input from a number of Council and external providers through presentations, including the CCG, Public Health and Whiston Hospital, and site visits to Ashley House and Thorn Road CAMHS.


        The recommendations of the Joint Topic Group were as follows:-


·             A review of waiting times from time of assessment to accessing

      1-2-1 Therapies, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  Review staffing levels against demand and current waiting times and make proposals of how, where waiting times were unacceptably long, this could be overcome by reconfiguration of current staff or service planning;


·             Mental Health Promotion, Anti Stigma and Awareness across the life course. Consideration should be given to consistent key messages of optimism and connecting with others to help build resilience in any future public campaigns, as reflected in the Like Minds Campaign. This was in line with the 5 Ways to Mental Wellbeing. There should be greater emphasis on mental health awareness and promotion within schools. Monitor the MHAPS Pilot in Warrington and consider implementing in Halton schools, using the Like Minds resources and resources developed by CAMHS 5 Star Forum. Awareness raising activities to be coordinated through the Mental Health Promotion Sub Group of the CAMHS Board and the Mental Health Board;


·             Consider Elected Member involvement in the Local Authority Mental Health Challenge. Further information from Public Health to be provided to the Health PPB for consideration regarding potential ‘sign up’ to The Local Authority Mental Health Challenge. The challenge set out ten actions that would enable Councils to promote mental health across all of their business, led by elected Member champion/s;


·             Assess the impact of welfare reform on mental health locally. Public Health to report on work undertaken to establish any correlation of reform on impact on increased demand on mental health services locally. This would provide an evidence base and insight into the changing mental health needs of the population and would assist future commissioning and service development;


·             Educational and Child Psychology Service to offer its support to a multi-agency ADHD pathway, in line with NICE guidelines;


·             Mental Health Liaison Teams within Whiston and Warrington Hospitals - This service should be continued beyond the pilot period to improve the experience of people with mental health conditions in a hospital environment, and increasing access to services; and


·             Circulation of the Scrutiny Review report. The report, with its recommendations, should be presented to the Executive Board, Halton Clinical Commissioning Group, Bridgewater Community NHS Trust and 5 Boroughs Partnership.


        In conclusion, it was reported that the report would also be considered by the Children and Young People and Families PPB. Halton CCG and the 5Boroughs Partnership would also receive the report for information. In addition, it was reported that each recommendation would be formulated into action plans during the next 12 months.


At the end of the debate, the Chairman reported that a Mental Health Champion was required.  She indicated that Members of the Board should register their interest via the Lead Officer, Sue Wallace-Bonner.




(1)        the report and the recommendations set out in Appendix 1 to the report be endorsed;


(2)        the comments raised be noted; and


(3)        the recommendations be presented to the Executive Board for noting.

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