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All-Age Autism Strategy

Meeting: 27/02/2018 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 39)

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Members received an update on the Halton All-Age Autism Strategy, which was appended to the report in its current draft version.


It was reported that this was developed in 2012 and since this there had been a number of national publications relating to Autism that needed to be taken into consideration.  Also Halton took part in the Autism Self-Assessment Framework (SAF) which was completed at the end of 2016.  Following this, a working group was established in July 2017 to move forward with planning a new All Age Autism Strategy; the work carried out by the group was discussed in the report.


Appended to the Strategy was the Delivery Plan for 2018-2019, together with the following 4 Appendices:


1.     The Voice of Autism – Ashley High School;

2.     Consultation with Schools;

3.     Summary of Sims Cross Resource Base questionnaire to parents; and

4.     Children’s Services Diagnostic Pathway.


Members welcomed the strategy and discussed instances where people had gone undiagnosed up to adulthood in the past, which had caused them varying problems.  In response it was noted that the development of the All-age Autism Strategy aimed to take a more joined up and holistic approach to developing opportunities and realising potential for people with Autism at every stage of their lives. 


Members commented that some children could miss out on a diagnosis as the Strategy would only be implemented in the Borough’s maintained schools.  Further, there were no timescales with regards to referrals and parents would want to know this type of information.


The Board asked for clarity on the position with regards to the Youth Justice Service and speech and language therapy not being available in Halton.  This information would be made available to Members following the meeting as it was not known.


RESOLVED:  That the Board notes the contents of the report and associated appendices and the comments made regarding this.