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Domiciliary Care & Care Homes – Quality Update

Meeting: 19/06/2018 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 8)

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Members received a report from the Strategic Director – People, updating them on key issues with respect to Domiciliary Care and Care Homes locally.


It was reported that it was a key priority for the Council to ensure the provision of a range of good quality services to support adults requiring commissioned care in the Borough.  The Care Act 2014 had made this statutory through a choice of diverse high quality services that promoted wellbeing.   It was noted that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) was responsible for the registration, inspection and assessment of all registered providers.  However, the Care Act 2014 placed the duty of securing the quality of care in Halton on the Council itself.


In Halton it was noted that there were 26 registered care homes which provided 781 beds operated by 15 different providers.  The capacity ranged from independent to large providers, with from 4 to 66 beds.   The report went on to discuss the CQC ratings and comments made by them and discussed the functions of the Council’s Quality Assurance Team.  Appendix 1 provided performance data relating to the care homes.


It was noted that with regards to domiciliary care, there were 4 contracted provider agencies that covered the area providing 700 people with supportive packages of care delivering 22,000 care hours per month.  Appendix 2 provided performance data relating to domiciliary care.


Members discussed the performance data provided and the capacity of care homes in Halton, which was presently extremely high at about 98%.  The following was also discussed and noted:


·       The difficulties faced by domiciliary care agencies and their staff who have to use public transport, as some areas had poor transport links or none at all;

·       The difficulties faced in recruitment and retention of staff;

·       The Council had recently purchased two care homes that were struggling;

·       The Council had a statutory duty to work with private care homes to help sustain them;

·       The Council worked in partnership with Care Home providers, ensuring that they were accountable for the services being provided.


RESOLVED:  That the Board notes the contents of the report and its associated appendices.