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Internal Audit Progress Report

Meeting: 27/03/2019 - Business Efficiency Board (Item 25)

Internal Audit Progress Report

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The Board considered a report of the Divisional Manager, Audit, Procurement and Operational Finance, which provided Members with a summary of internal audit work completed since the last progress report in November 2018. The report also highlighted matters relevant to the Board’s responsibilities as the Council’s Audit Committee.


It was noted that a total of 16 Internal Audit reports had been finalised since the last progress report. An overall assurance opinion was provided for each audit engagement. It was reported that there had been no follow-up audit reviews completed since the last progress report, with the main focus of activity being on completing as many reviews as possible from the 2018/19 Internal Audit Plan.


  It was reported that the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards required that the Chief Executive deliver an annual internal audit opinion and report to inform the Council’s governance statement. It was noted that Management had responded positively to all of the issues identified in the audits and that there were no outstanding matters from those audits that would have implications for the internal audit opinion.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.