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Attainment Summary of 2019 Educational Outcomes

Meeting: 09/09/2019 - Children Young People and Families Policy and Performance Board (Item 13)

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The Board received a report from the Strategic Director – People, which provided the annual update of the educational outcomes for Halton’s children for 2018-19.


It was noted that the data quoted in the report was provisional and unvalidated and therefore subject to change.  The validated national results would not be available until the publication of the DfE statistical first releases.


The report provided Members with details and supporting commentary of attainment outcomes for Halton’s Boroughwide performance in the following:


a)    The Good Level of Development indicator (GLD);

b)    Phonics results at the end of Year One and the end of Key Stage One;

c)     Key Stage One Reading; Writing and Maths attainment;

d)    Key Stage Two Reading; Writing; Maths; Read Write Maths combined and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling;

e)    GCSE performance grades 9-4 and 9-5; and

f)      A Level and vocational qualification performance.


The following points were noted / queried by Members:


·       GCSE maths grade boundaries had changed this year, this had affected lots of schools – Officers would receive more detail from schools regarding this to enable a closer analysis;

·       There were particular schools that were struggling with early years goals in reading, however overall early years had shown improvements which was welcomed by Members;

·       A deep dive into maths strategies was planned for the future, Members asked about the programmes schools were using;

·       ‘A’ Level pass results in the Borough were above provisional national passes, many students achieved these in the College;

·       The need to raise the aspirations of pupils was acknowledged;

·       It would be helpful if the attainment results were shared with school governors – a briefing for governors was being held next week where this would happen; and

·       Head teachers were obliged to share information with their governors however, it was commented that governors needed to know what questions to ask them.  A list of questions had been compiled previously regarding Early Years, so this could be extended to include wider performance areas.


RESOLVED:  That the information and comments made be noted.