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Presentation: Future Funding Opportunities – Runcorn

Meeting: 13/11/2019 - Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board (Item 21)

21 Presentation: Future Funding Opportunities – Runcorn pdf icon PDF 54 KB


            The Board received a presentation from the Operational Director, Economy, Enterprise and Property regarding potential funding opportunities for Runcorn Town Centre. During the summer and early autumn, the Government made some announcements on potential funding opportunities which could have positive impact on Runcorn Town Centre. Although work was at an early stage of development, Members were updated on the funding criteria, bidding processes and timetable. The potential funding streams for Runcorn were as follows:


·         Town Deals – up to £25m;

·         Future High Street Fund - £675m pot – can bid for up to £25m for Runcorn Old Town;

·         Transforming Cities Fund - £15m bid in for Runcorn Station Quarter

·         LCR Town Centre Commission Fund – CA fund of £1m allocated for Halton Lea.


It was anticipated that Vision Workshops would be held to develop a business case and delivery plan to support the bids and Ward Councillors would be invited to attend.


Further to a query, it was noted that productive conversations had taken place with the new franchisee at Runcorn Station.


            RESOLVED: That the presentation be noted and the Board welcomes work being undertaken to bid for funding to support the ongoing regeneration of Runcorn Town Centre.