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Age UK – Mid Mersey: Supporting Later Life

Meeting: 25/02/2020 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 23)

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Additional documents:


The Board welcomed Mark Lunney, Chief Executive of Age UK – Mid Mersey (Age UKMM) who presented a report and accompanying presentation on the work the Organisation undertook by them in the Borough.


Members were advised that Age UKMM had operated across Halton for over 30 years and was highly respected and recognised as the leading voice for older people.  They delivered a range of services under contract agreements with the Local Authority (LA) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) alongside delivery of a range of ageing well services via external grant funding work, advice, campaigning and lobbying for the interests of older people in the areas of Halton, St Helens, Knowsley and Warrington. 


The report and presentation explained how the services were delivered using dedicated and highly experienced staff and volunteers.  They also outlined the contracted services offered and the range of community based work carried out recently.  


Members were also provided with information on the Respect Campaign  #DoYouSeeMe?  It was hoped the Campaign would create a movement across the whole Merseyside area.  Promotion leaflets about this were circulated to Members.


Appended to the report for Members information were the following documents:


·         Information for Older People in Halton (Age UK Mid Mersey Engagement June 2019;

·         Client satisfaction survey results;

·         A practical guide to healthy ageing; and

·         An example of a case study.


The following comments were made by Members and additional information provided following the presentation:


·         It was important to know who was and where people were accessing these services, so the Council could follow on with any further services that were needed;

·         One of the main challenges was reaching people who were not aware of the service;

·         The isolation of older people was a concern in some Wards in the Borough;

·         Age UK MM used intelligence sharing and a ‘heat map’ to identify people who may be in need;

·         Schools were being targeted with the #DoYouSeeMe? Campaign as it was important to raise awareness and educate at a young age; and

·         Despite the good work of Age UKMM, the importance of community organisations at the core of communities was crucial to older people and this was recognised.


Mr Lunney was thanked for his attendance.


RESOLVED:  That the report and presentation be noted.