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DWP Kickstart Programme

Meeting: 16/11/2020 - Employment, Learning and Skills, and Community Policy and Performance Board (Item 15)

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The Board received a report from the Strategic Director – Enterprise, Community and Resources, which provided information on the introduction of the Government’s Kickstart job creation scheme.


It was reported that the Government had recently launched its job creation scheme Kickstart for young people aged 16 – 24 which aimed to provide wage subsidies to employers that created new 6-month work experience placements.


Members were advised that the Executive Board agreed at its meeting held on 15 October 2020 that the Council should apply to become an intermediary in Halton, for the delivery of the Programme.  If successful, the Employment, Learning and Skills Division would act as an intermediary for the Programme.  It was noted that the forecast number of 6-month placements to be administered by the Division between November 2020 and December 2021 was 100, with the Programme scheduled to end in December 2021 the final placements would therefore run for 6 months up to June 2022.


The report provided detailed information on the Kickstart Programme; Halton’s approach to this and the resources available and costs associated with becoming an intermediary.


Following Members’ queries, the following was noted:


·         If an employer was unable to continue with the employment of the young person they would have 6 months’ work experience behind them which could assist with securing another job;

·         The Council had approximately 30 local companies who were participating in the Programme each with between one and five placements available;

·         The Programme was also aimed at working with employers as well, to assist them with their recovery, following the effects of the Pandemic; and

·         The costs and calculations discussed in paragraph 5.3 where set following advice from DWP and were agreed by all participating local authorities in the Liverpool City Region, so all were using the same figures.


RESOLVED:  That the Board


1)    notes the report; and


2)    supports the proposal for the Council’s Employment, Learning and Skills Division to act as a Kickstart Programme intermediary.