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Halton Delivery & Allocations Local Plan, post Submission Changes

Meeting: 22/09/2021 - Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board (Item 17)

17 Halton Delivery & Allocations Local Plan, post Submission Changes pdf icon PDF 131 KB


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which provided an update on the Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan (DALP). The Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on 5 March 2020. The examination process had taken place between March – June 2001 and a number of issues had been identified and needed to be resolved by ‘Main Modifications to the Plan and subsequent changes to the Policies Map. The report updated Members on the expected changes needed to make the Local Plan ‘sound’. The changes that were discussed were contained in Appendix A of the report.


            It was noted that once the Inspector’s initial report was received, the required modifications would be known. Full Council would need to consider the modifications and if approved the modifications needed to be subject to formal public consultation for a period of not less than 6 weeks in compliance with the adopted Statement of Community Involvement and statutory regulations. Following the consultation, the Council would compile all representations received and provide a report back to the Inspectors. The Inspectors would then compile their formal report into the soundness of the Halton DALP. The DALP would then return to Executive Board and Full Council for approval.


            RESOLVED: That the report and comment upon the suitability of the expected modifications to the Delivery and Allocations Local Plan be noted.