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Public Health Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Meeting: 23/11/2021 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 26)

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The Director of Public Health and Protection provided the Board with an update on the Public Health response to Covid-19 Coronavirus.  


The update and accompanying presentation included the most recent Covid-19 figures and data for Halton; how the Halton Outbreak Support Team (HOST) were working to successfully identify and manage local outbreaks; and gave details of the most recent information on testing and vaccination for people in Halton.


Responses to Members questions were provided and the following additional information was provided:


·         The Public Health Team recognised the remoteness of the vaccination centre on Manor Park and although they did not organise the centres, work was underway with NHS England to look for a more central location which would be easier for people to get to;

·         Occasionally there were issues with the supplies of the vaccine to pharmacies;

·         Communication of the importance of having the vaccine was still being concentrated on, to encourage those who were still resisting this.  Public Health staff had also made visits to supermarkets and businesses to promote this;

·         Public Health had a dedicated schools based team which held daily meetings where they compiled Covid data from schools;

·         The vaccination data relating to NHS staff was reported to NHS England; and

·         The vaccination site at the Brindley would close from 1 December 2021.


            RESOLVED:  That the update be received.