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Performance Management Reports, Quarter 2 2021/22

Meeting: 23/11/2021 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 31)

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The Board received the Performance Management Reports for quarter two of 2021/22.


Members were advised that the report introduced, through the submission of a structured thematic performance report, the progress of key performance indicators, milestones and targets relating to Health in quarter two of 2020-21.  This included a description of factors, which were affecting the service. 


The Board was requested to consider the progress and performance information and raise any questions or points for clarification and highlight any areas of interest or concern for reporting at future meetings of the Board. 


It was noted that some areas within Adult Social Care, Public Health and NHS Services were still being effected by the pandemic so some data was limited.


ASC 13 – the numbers of households living in temporary accommodation was down due to some resources still being used from the start of the pandemic.


ASC 16 – the percentage of existing HBC ASC staff that had received Adult Safeguarding Training in the past 3 years was down – since this data was compiled these numbers had improved, as discussed earlier in item 5 (a).


RESOLVED: That the quarter two Performance Management reports be received.