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Respite Provision Update

Meeting: 29/11/2022 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 20)

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The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director – People, which gave an update on the position in relation to respite care provision, in particular shared care vouchers, and the course of action now being pursued in this area.


It was noted that in June 2019, a report was presented to the Board providing information on respite provision, specifically the shared care voucher process.  The need for respite is identified by social workers as part of the assessment process and depending on the nature of the person’s condition, shared care vouchers were identified as a way of meeting the assessed need.


The report gave a recap of the shared care voucher process and outlined the areas identified for improvement previously.  It was reported that the onset of the pandemic soon after the previous report was presented had affected the level of progress that could be made with the improvements outlined in the 2019 report.  Since the easing of the pandemic the respite offer had been revisited to ensure that the necessary improvements were made and there were options available that met people’s needs. 


The Board was presented with new improvement actions and the rationale behind these, after taking into consideration the two main client groups requiring access to respite – adults with learning disabilities and older people.


The following information was provided following Members questions:


·         Clients were either referred to the service or they could apply directly themselves;

·         Respite provision was provided based on the needs of the individual following an assessment;

·         Most clients were referred to the service and their carers were able to receive an assessment as well;

·         As well as care home respite, there were other respite services on offer such as Shared Lives, Direct Payments and Crossroads (Home Based Respite Care Service); and

·         Adults with learning disabilities did have the support of social workers to assist them with accessing respite provision.


RESOLVED:  That the Board notes the report.