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Performance Management Reports, Quarter 2 2022/23

Meeting: 29/11/2022 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 21)

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The Board received the Performance Management Reports for quarter two of 2022/23.


Members were advised that the report introduced, through the submission of a structured thematic performance report, the progress of key performance indicators, milestones and targets relating to Health in quarter two of 2022-23.  This included a description of factors, which were affecting the service. 


The Board was requested to consider the progress and performance information and raise any questions or points for clarification and highlight any areas of interest or concern for reporting at future meetings of the Board. 


Page 91 – ASC03 – it was noted that quarter 2 data was missing as it was only a snapshot of information that was presented once a year in quarter one.


RESOLVED: That the Performance Management reports for quarter two of 2022/23 be received.