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The Corporate Plan - The Big Conversation Update

Meeting: 28/11/2023 - Health Policy and Performance Board (Item 26)

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The Board received a report of the Chief Executive’s Delivery Unit, which provided an update on ‘The Big Conversation’.


The Big Conversation was about engaging with the public so that they understood the challenges that the Council was facing.  It was an approach between the Council and those who lived or worked in Halton to work together to create an improved Borough in all aspects of everyday life.  A stakeholder analysis and a Communications Plan was developed to generate and establish as many opportunities as possible to involve all stakeholders in many different ways.


Members were advised that to date, a total of 1012 responses had been received; a breakdown of these by source was provided.  The report outlined the promotion, consultation and engagement carried out in the community so far.  The themes emerging from the consultation were also presented and any gaps in responses were highlighted, as well as the actions required to fill these.


It was noted that the consultation ends on 30 November 2023, after which an analysis would be undertaken to identify the key priorities.  January and February 2024 would see final consultation with stakeholders via drop-in sessions and community engagement, prior to the Corporate Plan being finalised in March, ready for its launch in April 2024.


Further to Members questions, it was commented that the exact amount of engagement from the public would not be known until the analysis was carried out in December, after the closing date.  Members were reassured that public access to the survey was via many methods, so that all sections of the population were able to complete this in the format that suited them.


In order to address the low number of respondents from the 16-24 age group, staff had attended: Riverside, Carmel, Priestley and Sir John Deane Colleges; the Linnets and Vikings Clubs; and the Family Hubs in Windmill Hill and Kingsway to encourage people to complete the survey.  Also, social media advertising had targeted this age group and the team had liaised with social workers who encouraged residents they dealt with to complete the survey.  One Member commented that the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme staff could have been contacted, to encourage responses from residents they dealt with and this was a missed opportunity.


RESOLVED:  That the Board


1)    notes the report; and


2)    continues to endorse the approach to facilitate ‘The Big Conversation’.