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Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board
Wednesday, 15th November, 2017 6.30 p.m.

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            The Minutes of the meeting held on 20th September 2017 having been circulated were signed as a correct record. Arising from the discussion, it was noted that under Minute No. EUR12, Councillor Fry would replace Councillor Morley as a Member of the Mersey Gateway Regeneration Plan Working Party.


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            It was confirmed that no public questions had been received.


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Additional documents:


            The Board considered the Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board relevant to the Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board.


            Under Minute No. EXB47 further information would be circulated to Members on the Accelerated Construction Programme.


            RESOLVED: That the Minutes be received.



Annual Road Traffic Collision and Casualty Report pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Board considered a report which set out full details of the numbers of road traffic collision and casualty numbers in the year 2016, and recommended a continuance of road traffic collision reduction work.


It was noted that the Department of Transport had advised that comparisons with previous years’ figures should be interpreted with caution, given that there had been changes in the systems for severity reporting by police forces. Whilst this year’s figures for Halton were a cause for concern, it was emphasised that this was based on one year’s figures only and that casualty figures could be very volatile from one year to the next.


However, trends would now need to be carefully monitored over coming years in order to try and determine whether there was any correlation between casualties and the reduction monitored over coming years in order to try and determine whether there was any correlation between casualties and the reduction in resources that could be put into road safety. The Mersey Gateway works must also be seen as a contributory factor over the last few years, as the available highway network decreased in size and consequently traffic migrated onto more minor roads.


A summary for 2016 was set out in the report. It was noted that whilst long term trends remained downward last year saw significant increases in the numbers of people being slightly injured (SLI) and of those killed/seriously injured (KSI) compared to the figures for the previous year. Within the KSI total, both the number of adults and of children increased but the latter figure was known to be volatile in Halton due to the low numbers and fluctuated from year to year.




1.    the overall progress made on casualty reduction in Halton over the past decade be noted;


2.    concerns with regard to the achievement of further casualty prevention, as a result of resource reductions, be noted; and


3.    the continuing programme of road traffic collision reduction schemes and road safety education, training and publicity be endorsed.


ePetition - Colvend Way - Effective Speed Control Measures pdf icon PDF 359 KB


            The Board received a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources which provided an update on action taken relating to an ePetition regarding traffic calming measures installed by Morris Homes at Colvend Way, Widnes as part of the residential development. The petition contained 71 signatures.


            It was noted that Colvend Way was a through road constructed by Morris Homes to serve its development. It was subject to a Section 38 Agreement under the Highways Act for its future adoption by the Council. Colvend Way falls within an area wide 20mph speed restriction zone.  Two ‘thump’ type speed control measures were included within the development itself to help self-enforce the 20mph restriction.


            Following the installation of the thumps, a Road Safety Audit was carried out which did not find any road safety issue with the thumps, but did make a general observation regarding their effectiveness. The thump profiles were examined and found to be slightly lower than the current Council standard detail height of 37mm, which was the height approved by the Council shown in the Morris Homes drawings.


            Therefore at the request of the Council, Morris Homes amended the thump profiles on 17 October 2017, to the maximum height allowable under current DfT advice of 45mm. It should be noted that it is not permitted to install this type of traffic calming at a height of 100mm. Following the amendment of the thumps, a completion certificate was issued, allowing the road to open.


            Members were advised that it was intended to continue to monitor the effectiveness of the traffic calming features. In addition, speed activated signs had also been requested in the petition and it was proposed that it would be possible to add the road to the list of sites at which the mobile speed activated signs were periodically located.


            A Community Speed Watch scheme was also requested in the petition. In order to access the scheme residents needed to contact Cheshire Police and a minimum of 6 resident volunteers was required to operate it.


            RESOLVED: That Members note that improvements were made to the speed control measures on 17th October 2017 and their outgoing effectiveness would be monitored. Colvend Way would be added to the list of sites at which the Council’s mobile speed activated signs were periodically located.


Petition Requesting Zebra Crossing Facilities and 20 mph Speed Limit on Beechwood Avenue, Runcorn pdf icon PDF 229 KB


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director Enterprise, Community and Resources, which advised that a petition containing 82 signatures had been received requesting the installation of zebra crossing facilities near Beechwood and Hillview School (the latter also mentioned the new park) and a 20 mph speed limit on Beechwood Avenue.


            It was noted that there were no pelican, puffin or zebra crossings in the area of the schools at the present time. However there were School Crossing Patrols outside Beechwood and Hillview Primary Schools, although the site outside Beechwood Primary School was currently vacant due to the previous patrol leaving and the post would be advertised shortly.


            Members noted that pedestrian vehicle surveys had recently been carried out as part of the annual review of School Crossing Patrols and using data from these surveys the criteria for controlled crossings was not met for the peak periods and therefore they could not be justified. In addition it was noted that where controlled crossings had been installed where they were generally only required for very specific and short times of the day, they could become dangerous as drivers become accustomed to passing along the road without stopping and hence they may either fail to stop when they need to or stop suddenly.  For these reasons the installation of a controlled pedestrian crossing adjacent to the school entrances was not therefore recommended.


            With regard to the request for a 20 mph speed limit on Beechwood Avenue it was noted that in 2015 a proposal to make the whole of Beechwood including a 20 mph zone was advertised. A number of objections were received and following consideration by the Board in June 2015 and subsequently the Executive Board in September 2015, the Traffic Regulation Order was made to make the whole of Beechwood a 20 mph zone excluding Beechwood Avenue. Given the process only took place two years ago it was not the best use of resources to rerun it again as the same outcome was likely.


            RESOLVED: That the petitioners be informed as follows:


·         That pedestrian/traffic surveys have been carried out and zebra crossing facilities are not justified; and

·         That a 20 mph speed limit has been considered previously and not progressed due to objections.


Performance Management Reports for Quarter 1 of 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 219 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report from the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which presented the Performance Monitoring Reports for Quarter 1 of 2017/18.


The reports related to the following functional areas which reported to the Board and detailed progress against service objectives and milestones, and performance targets and provided information relating to key developments and emerging issues that had arisen during the period:


·                         Development and Investment Services;

·                         Highways and Transportation, Logistics and Development Services;

·                         Waste and Environmental Improvement and Open Space Services; and

·                         Housing Strategy.


            Arising from the discussion the following matters were raised by Members:


·         what statistics/data do we keep with regard to duration of planning process and applications?;

·         further information was requested on the development at Gorsey Lane. Members were advised that discussions were ongoing with end users and an announcement would be made shortly;

·         further information was requested regarding the concessionary travel scheme negotiations; and

·         with regard to bins being stolen/burnt out – who owns the bins and what was the position regarding insurance?


            RESOLVED: That the first quarter performance monitoring reports be received and noted.