Agenda and minutes

Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board
Wednesday, 27th February, 2019 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Council Chamber, Runcorn Town Hall. View directions

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Minutes Silence

The Board stood for a minute’s silence in memory of Adrian Bratby, who had recently passed away.


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            The Minutes of the meeting held on 14th November 2018 having been circulated were signed as a correct record.


Public Question Time pdf icon PDF 67 KB


            It was confirmed that no public questions had been received.


Executive Board Minutes pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered the Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board relevant to the Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board.


            RESOLVED: That the Minutes be received.



Performance Management Reports for Quarter 3 of 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 65 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report from the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which presented the Performance Monitoring Reports for Quarter 3 of 2018/19.


The reports related to the following functional areas which reported to the Board and detailed progress against service objectives and milestones, and performance targets and provided information relating to key developments and emerging issues that had arisen during the period:


·         Development and Investment Services;

·         Highways and Transportation, Logistics and Development Services;

·         Waste and Environmental Improvement and Open Space Services; and

·         Housing Strategy.


            Councillor Howard submitted the following questions and responses were provided as follows:


·         Chrysalis Fund – page 23 -2.2 - Funding for Project Violet

Where will Chrysalis get future funding from after we leave the EU


In response the Board was advised that EU funds were guaranteed until 2020/21


·         Ditton Station – Page 24 -2.6 (Rail Consultants appointed); Page 30 – EEP 0SF (Feasibility Study); Page 37 – EMG (Planning Application)

All the above all related to the possibility of Ditton Station reopening. Particularly significant in light of the reopening of the Halton Curve.

Is there an update describing the current position?


In response, Members noted that the Feasibility Study was expected shortly. In the meantime the Council continued to work with Mersey Travel on a short term rail strategy for the region.


·         Equality Objectives – the link to the annual progress report does not work.


In response, the Board was advised this had now been resolved.


·         Full Time Equivalent Employees were not reported in the expenditure.


The Board noted that  Employee budgets were based on full time equivalent staffing numbers of 122.


·         Charging rates – Competition from Approved Inspectors charging rates that the Council cannot. What actions could be taken to redress the position described?


In response, the Board was advised that a Member of the Building Control Team would attend the next meeting to give a presentation on the Hacket Review, the collaborative work with Knowsley Council, and the initiatives being taken to redress the competition from Approved Inspectors.


            In addition, the Board also discussed responsibility for funding the refilling grit bins and if Area Forum funding could be used to do so. It was  noted that Area Forum funding was within the revenue budget and could be used to provide a ‘one off’ to refill grit bins.


            It was agreed that a written response would be provided to Councillor Sinnot regarding an update on the contract for the provision of Guardian Services that was due to expire in May 2019.


            RESOLVED: That the third quarter performance monitoring reports be received and noted.


Business Planning pdf icon PDF 118 KB


            The Board considered a report from the Strategic Director Enterprise, Community and Resources, which provided an update on the work of the Business Planning Working Party. The Working Party was established to select a small number of priority topics to be fed into department business plans for 2019-20. It was noted that the following topics/areas of focus had been selected by the Working Party:


·         Opportunities to co-ordinate maintenance activity with partners;

·         Improved recycling of food waste;

·         Tackling fly tipping;

·         Awareness of environmental fund benefits; and

·         City region regeneration fund.


RESOLVED: That the Board endorse the topics to be fed into the Business Plan 2019-2020.


Runcorn Town Park Masterplan - Presentation

The presentation will update the Board on the masterplan to improve Runcorn’s Town Park. In a series of planned improvements to the park, three different hubs for the park will be created: one in the North, one in the centre, and one to the South. The presentation will outline each individual hub.


            The Board received a presentation from Mr Wright,  Divisional Manager Open Space Services, outlining the masterplan to improve Runcorn’s Town Park. In a series of planned improvements to the park, three different hubs for the park would be created; one in the North, one in the Centre and on to the South. The presentation outlined the improvements to each individual hub which included improvements to entrances, car parks and paths and general maintenance and cleaning. Members noted images of the improvements at Town Park and details on the Environmental Fund that had been used to develop the park improvements.


            RESOLVED: That the presentation be noted.


Household Waste Duty of Care pdf icon PDF 88 KB


            The Board considered a report which set out details on householders legal “duty of care” to ensure they only give their waste to a licensed waste carrier and considered a proposed level of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for any failure by a householder to comply with their legal obligations.


            Under the Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, householders were required to take reasonable measures to ensure that household waste produced on their property was passed onto an authorised person. An authorised person was defined in legislation but was usually a local authority or a registered waste carrier. It was noted that a householders legal duty was set out in the Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice issued by DEFRA. Failure to comply with the legal obligations was a criminal offence and the primary circumstances where a householder would be deemed to have done so:


·         Where an individual passed waste to an unauthorised waste carrier; and

·         Where fly-tipped waste was traced back to an individual who was found to have failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that they had transferred the waste to an authorised waste carrier.


The Board was advised that under new regulations introduced in November 2018, an FPN could be issued as an alternative to prosecution. The FPN allowed a more proportionate approach to prosecution for a duty of care offence. Members were requested to consider if the default penalty of £200 should be retained or whether an alternative level should be set within the limits set by legislation.


With regard to the level of discount for early payment of an FPN issued for a duty of care offence. Whilst considering the discount, the Board was advised that the FPNs for littering offences applied a 25% discount if the full amount was paid within 10 days.


It was also noted that information would be provided to advise householders of their duty of care obligations in a number of ways; including information leaflets, social media, Inside Halton and by placing information on the Council’s website. In addition, information would be provided to householders who were looking to use a private contractor or any other person to remove waste from their property to ensure they met their legal obligations by carrying out checks beforehand to establish that they were a genuine and reputable company or individual.


RESOLVED: That a report be presented to Executive Board recommending that the Fixed Penalty Notice for household waste ‘duty of care’ offences should be set at £200 with a 25% discount for early payment within 10 days of issue.




Lead Local Flood Authority Section 19 Flood Investigation and Flood Hub pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board received a report which reminded Members of the Council’s responsibilities as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. The report also highlighted the recent flood event at A557 Watkinson Way, Widnes and the Flood Hub website resource.


            RESOLVED: That the Board note


1.    the Council’s responsibilities as LLFA;


2.    the content of the Section 19 report for Watkinson Way; and


3.    the Flood Hub resource.




Annual Road Safety Statistics Report pdf icon PDF 519 KB


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which gave details of road traffic collision and casualty numbers within the Borough in the year 2017.


The Board was advised that Appendix A to the report set out full details of the numbers of traffic collisions and casualties in the year 2017, and compared these figures with those from previous years. These results were very encouraging, with a decrease in casualty numbers of people slightly injured and of those killed/seriously (KSI) injured, compared to those figures for 2016. Overall Halton was one of the best performing local authorities both regionally and nationally in terms of casualty reduction in 2017.


In addition, the report highlighted the work the Road Safety Team would continue to undertake during the year with an extensive programme of education, training and publicity.




1)    the overall progress made on casualty reduction in Halton over the past decade be noted and welcomed; and


2)    the 2019 programme of road safety education, training and publicity be endorsed.