Agenda and minutes

Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board - Wednesday, 22nd September, 2021 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Council Chamber, Runcorn Town Hall. View directions

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The Committee took part in a minute’s silence in honour of Councillor Howard, who had sadly passed away last month. The Chair paid tribute to him on behalf of Members and colleagues.


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            The Minutes of the meeting held on 23 June 2021 having been circulated were signed as a correct record.


Public Question Time pdf icon PDF 67 KB


            It was confirmed that no public questions had been received.


Executive Board Minutes pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered the Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board relevant to the Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board.


            RESOLVED: That the Minutes be received.



Petition requesting Speed Limit Change on Runcorn Road, Moore (40 to 30 mph pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, which advised that a petition had been received by electronic delivery requesting alteration of the speed limit on a section of Runcorn Road, Moore from 40 mph to 30 mph.


            It was noted that this section of Runcorn Road was:


·         relatively flat and had open fields to the southern side;

·         the northern side comprised low-density housing, set well back;

·         pedestrian movements across the carriageway were minimal;

·         the road was generally in good repair, well lit and subject to an environmental 7.5 tonne weight restriction;

·         there was low-level of on street parking within the 40mph zone, especially at the eastern end. However no evidence or complaints of vehicles mounting the kerb and obstructing the footway;

·         a Cheshire Road Safety Group, Cheshire Police and external consultants undertook a speed limit review in Halton in 2009. No changes were recommended for Runcorn Road;

·         since 2009, automatic traffic counters had been installed on two occasions. Average speeds had reduced in this time which was probably due to the increase in traffic using the route; and

·         there had been one recorded injury collision within the relevant section of road since 2009.


            At the request of the Council, Cheshire Police had undertaken a site assessment and provided an opinion that, whilst they understood the desire of residents for a lower speed limit, they were concerned that the removal of the change in speed limit would not reflect the character of the road. It was the opinion of the Constabulary that the 40mph section felt open in nature and as such, 40mph was an appropriate speed limit.


            Therefore based on the advice from Cheshire Police, traffic specialists and the Council’s road safety engineer, it was felt that retaining the existing 40mph speed limit was appropriate for this section of road. 


            On behalf of the petitioner, Councillor Dyer addressed the Board in support of the petition and read a statement and questions which the petitioner had previously prepared. Councillor Dyer fully supported the request to lower the speed limit and outlined to the Board his reasons for this.


            On behalf of the Council, Ian Saxby responded to the questions submitted and it was agreed that Tim Gibbs would contact Cheshire Constabulary regarding speed enforcement at Runcorn Road


            RESOLVED: That


1.    following careful consideration and site inspection, Officers advise that the posted speed limit should remain at 40mph for the reasons set out in the report; and


2.    a request be made to Cheshire Police to consider this location for regular speed enforcement activity.


Local List - Heritage Assets pdf icon PDF 59 KB


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which advised that Halton, in partnership with Cheshire West had received £70,000 funding from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) towards creating a unified Cheshire Local List.


            The register would play a key role in local and community identity and gave an understanding and appreciation of Cheshire’s past. In addition a Local List approach was considered as a community-driven dataset and it was hoped that engagement with the development of a local list would enable local communities to define local heritage significance on their own terms.


            Over the next six months, officers would be working with consultants – Headland Design Associates (HDA) on five target areas in Halton: Appleton, Daresbury, Farnworth, Hale and New Town. In these areas, HDA would work with local volunteers to identify locally significant heritage assets and develop them as proposals for the local list using the online Exegesis Local Heritage List Platform.


            RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Annual Report pdf icon PDF 113 KB


            The Board considered a copy of the Annual Report from the Chair of the Environment and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board 2020/21.


The full Board met on four occasions during the year and the report set out the work carried out and recommendations made throughout the Municipal Year April 2020 to March 2021.


RESOLVED: That the Annual Report be accepted.


Bus Service Improvement Plan pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director Enterprise, Community and Resources, which provided an overview on the recent publication of the Bus Back Better Bus Strategy for England (the Strategy), the associated funding from the Department for Transport (DFT) and the requirement for Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs). It was noted that the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority was the Local Transport Authority for Halton. A BSIP covering the City Region area would be submitted to the DfT by the Combined Authority in October 2021. The report set out Halton’s ‘ask’ of Government in relation to bus service improvement in Halton that would feature in the CA BSIP.


            The Board discussed the recent cuts in the 62 and X1 bus service which was linked to a shortage of bus drivers. They also discussed the impact a shortage of bus drivers could have on the proposed improvements to bus services as outlined in the BSIP.


            RESOLVED: That


1.    the proposals set out in Appendix 1 for frequency improvements to the current bus network be supported; and


2.    the proposals for highway and infrastructure improvements to tackle bus service delay hot-spots (Appendix 2) be endorsed.


Halton Delivery & Allocations Local Plan, post Submission Changes pdf icon PDF 131 KB


            The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which provided an update on the Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan (DALP). The Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on 5 March 2020. The examination process had taken place between March – June 2001 and a number of issues had been identified and needed to be resolved by ‘Main Modifications to the Plan and subsequent changes to the Policies Map. The report updated Members on the expected changes needed to make the Local Plan ‘sound’. The changes that were discussed were contained in Appendix A of the report.


            It was noted that once the Inspector’s initial report was received, the required modifications would be known. Full Council would need to consider the modifications and if approved the modifications needed to be subject to formal public consultation for a period of not less than 6 weeks in compliance with the adopted Statement of Community Involvement and statutory regulations. Following the consultation, the Council would compile all representations received and provide a report back to the Inspectors. The Inspectors would then compile their formal report into the soundness of the Halton DALP. The DALP would then return to Executive Board and Full Council for approval.


            RESOLVED: That the report and comment upon the suitability of the expected modifications to the Delivery and Allocations Local Plan be noted.



Performance Management Reports for Quarter 1 of 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 65 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report from the Strategic Director, Enterprise, Community and Resources, which presented the Performance Monitoring Reports for Quarter 1 of 2021/22.


The reports related to the following functional areas which reported to the Board and detailed progress against service objectives and milestones, and performance targets and provided information relating to key developments and emerging issues that had arisen during the period:


·         Development and Investment Services;

·         Highways and Transportation, Logistics and Development Services;

·         Waste and Environmental Improvement and Open Space Services; and

·         Housing Strategy.


            Arising from the discussion the Board requested that the Liverpool City Region be invited to a future meeting to discuss the Mersey Tidal Power project.


            RESOLVED: That the first quarter performance monitoring reports be received and noted.