Wednesday, 2nd March, 2022 6.30 p.m.

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Apologies for Absence


The Mayor's Announcements


Declarations of Interest


Leader's Report


Minutes of the Executive Board


9 December 2021 pdf icon PDF 80 KB


20 January 2022 pdf icon PDF 98 KB


17 February 2022 pdf icon PDF 127 KB


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Questions Asked Under Standing Order 8


Matters Requiring A Decision Of The Council


Budget 2022-23 (EXB68 refers) pdf icon PDF 174 KB

Executive Board considered the attached report.




1)    Council be recommended to adopt the resolution set out in Appendix A, which includes setting the budget at £113.891m, the Council Tax requirement of £57.174m (before Parish, Police, Fire and LCR Combined Authority precepts) and the Band D council Tax for Halton of £1,595.67;


2)    the recommendations in the report relating to the setting of the 2022/23 budget, set out in Appendix B and Capital Programme set out in Appendix F, be supported and recommended to Full Council for approval, with the exception of the proposal contained therein in relation to the closure of Runcorn Swimming Pool;


3)    the proposal to close Runcorn Swimming Pool be put on hold for a period, no longer than six months, to allow time to see if an alternative delivery model can be identified by giving the opportunity for a third party to come forward with a costed and sustainable business plan to take over the running of the baths.  That opportunity would be widely advertised to attract potential interest;


4)    any proposal must cover both the capital and revenue costs of running the pool in the future;


5)    if no such proposal is submitted that meets the above criteria within that six month period then the closure of the pool would proceed at that point; and


6)    the subsequent gap this causes in the budget currently recommended by officers be met by increasing the amount of reserves and balances being utilised to set a legal budget for 2022/23.


Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2022-23 (EXB 69 refers) pdf icon PDF 220 KB

Executive Board considered the attached report.


RECOMMENDED: That Council be recommended to adopt the policies, strategies, statements, prudential and treasury indicators outlined in the report.


Capital Strategy 2022-23 (EXB 70 refers) pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Executive Board considered the attached report.


RECOMMENDED: That Council be recommended to approve the 2022/23 Capital Strategy, as presented in the Appendix.


2021/22 Revised Capital Programme pdf icon PDF 95 KB

RECOMMENDED: That the revisions to the Council’s 2021/22 capital programme set out in paragraph 3.2, be approved.




Calendar of Meetings 2022-23 (EXB 71 refers) pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Executive Board considered the attached report.


RECOMMENDED: That Council approve the Calendar of Meetings for the 2022/32 Municipal Year, as appended.


Additional documents:


Adoption of the Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan (DALP) including consequential deletion of specific Core Strategy policies and the deletion of saved Unitary Development Plan policies pdf icon PDF 113 KB

RECOMMENDATION: That Council be recommended to:


1)    accept the findings of the Planning Inspector’s report into the soundness of the submitted Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan including the Main Modifications that are necessary for the document to be sound (Appendix A);


2)    adopt the Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan (Appendix B) and supporting Local Plan Policies Map (Appendix C), including the Inspector’s Main Modifications and Council’s Minor Changes as part of the Development Plan for Halton, to be used for development management purposes;


3)    authorise the Operational Director for Policy, Planning and Transportation in consultation with the Portfolio Holder, to make final editorial amendments to the Halton Delivery and Allocations Local Plan prior to final publication.  These amendments will be restricted to correcting minor errors and formatting text and shall not alter the meaning of the Delivery and Allocations Local Plan;


4)    note that a number of saved policies in the Core Strategy (as listed in Appendix C of the DALP) will be deleted and replaced by policies in the Delivery and Allocations Local Plan, and the saved polices of the Halton Unitary Development Plan will be deleted; and


5)    withdraw the following Supplementary Planning Documents:


·         Affordable Housing SPD

Additional documents:


Members' Allowance Scheme - Tri-annual Review pdf icon PDF 86 KB

RECOMMENDED: That Council consider the

1)    recommendations of the Independent Members’ Allowances Panel as set out in Paragraph 6 of this report; and


2)    having regard to the Panel’s recommendations, determine the Members’ Allowance Scheme to be effective from April 2022 for a  3 year period.


Additional documents:


Minutes of the Policy and Performance Boards and the Audit and Governance Board


Children, Young People and Families pdf icon PDF 95 KB


Employment, Learning, Skills and Community pdf icon PDF 101 KB


Health pdf icon PDF 98 KB


Safer pdf icon PDF 78 KB


Environment and Urban Renewal pdf icon PDF 90 KB


Corporate Services pdf icon PDF 73 KB


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Committee Minutes


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Recommendation from Mayoral Committee

The Mayoral Committee considered a Part II item making a recommendation on the appointment of Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the 2022/23 Municipal Year.


Council is requested to note the following recommendations, formal confirmation of which will be sought at Annual Council.


1)    Councillor Mark Dennett be appointed as the Mayor; and


2)    Councillor Valerie Hill be appointed as the Deputy Mayor.



Notice of Motion - Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence and Bullying In School pdf icon PDF 98 KB