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Executive Board

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Information about Executive Board

The Executive Board is the main decision-making body of the Council and is made up of ten Members who have responsibility for particular portfolios. These Portfolios cover:


·       Overall Leadership and Corporate Strategy, Communications and Liverpool City Region matters (Councillor Mike Wharton);

·       Leadership on Cheshire Sub-Regional matters and Major Projects (Councillor Dave Thompson);

·       Corporate Services – (Councillor Mark Dennett)

·       Children and Young People (Councillor Tom McInerney);

·       Adult Social Care (Councillor Joan Lowe);

·       Health and Wellbeing (Councillor Marie Wright);

·       Community Safety (Councillor Martha Lloyd Jones);

·       Environment and Urban Renewal (Councillor Stef Nelson);

·       Employment, Learning and Skills, Leisure, Community and Culture (Councillor Paul Nolan); and

·       Climate Change (Councillor Phil Harris)


The Board is chaired by the Leader of the Council (Councillor Mike Wharton) and each Board Member has responsibility for policy development for issues that fall within their portfolio.