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Performance Management Reports for Quarter 1 of 2011/12


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Policy and Resources regarding the 1st Quarter Monitoring Report for:


·              Prevention and Commissioning Services; and

·              Complex Needs.


The following points arose from the discussion:-


·        Page 46 – CCC14 – Clarity was sought on the performance being slightly less in comparison to the same period last year. 


The Board was advised that the carers figure was reported in the monthly team report and exceptions were also reported to the operational teams.  The figure reported carers who had received either an assessment or a review and had received services.  A large number of carers would already be in receipt of a service (i.e. DP) and to count against the PI they had to have been reviewed in the same financial year.  This ensured that the teams conducted timely reviews / reassessments, ensured that all relevant carers could be counted against the PI and also have their care/support package reviewed in line with their needs.  A member of performance also met monthly with the operational teams, in order to monitor that regular reviews were taking place for carers and this in turn, increased the figure for CCC14.


·        Page 47 – CCC4 – Clarity was sought on performance relating to 581 clients, there being twelve less than the previous year. 


In response, it was reported that  between one year and the next, a number of clients’ packages closed and new clients came on the system to receive services.  Between Q1 2010 and Q1 2011, there were 12 less clients. There may be many reasons for this fluctuation. After checking some of the client records it was found that a client had died in one case and in another the professional support that they received in one year had been closed and therefore they did not appear in the 2011 statistics.  It was suggested that the figures were monitored closely in Q2 and if there appeared to be a decline, further investigation would be required in conjunction with the operational team.


·        Page 27 – Second Paragraph – Clarity was sought on the £256,000.  Information was also sought on the 12 monthly spend/budget profile for the community care budget and what remedial actions were being taken. 


In response, it was reported that if the spend remained static for the remainder of the year the projected overspend within community care would be £1.4m.  However, it was reported that a recovery plan was in place to dampen the increase in community care and spend in certain areas had started to decrease.

In reply, further details were requested and it was reported that additional information would be circulated to Members of the Board.


·        Page 41 – Health Watch – clarity was sought on how partnerships would be undertaken with other Councils. 


In response, it was reported that under current arrangements for the Link, the Host organisation was jointly commissioned with St Helens Borough Council. In moving forward with the development of Health watch, commissioners, along with stakeholders, would consider the advantages and disadvantages of working in partnership with other Local Authorities.


·        Page 49 – Employees Expenditure – Clarity was sought on the 12 month spend / budget profile and what remedial action was being considered. 


In response, it was reported that the main area of staffing overspend in Commissioning and Complex related to the Housing Solutions Team.  This was due to sickness and vacant posts and that agency staff had to be recruited to ensure the service continued.  However, the vacant posts had now been recruited and all agency staff would be finished by 1st October 2011.  In addition, this accompanied with stopping non essential spend in all areas would stop the overspend from rising.


In reply, further details were requested and it was reported that additional information would be circulated to Members of the Board.


RESOLVED: That the report and comments made be noted.




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