Agenda item

Model of Care to develop a comprehensive community learning disability services infrastructure for adults with learning disabilities


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities and the Primary Care Trust which advised Members of the progress of the implementation of the Model of Care and outlined the next steps. 


The Board was advised that in 2008 a review in-patient and community based learning disability services in the boroughs of Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington had been undertaken.


It was reported that the review had recommended the following:-


·         That the four boroughs and the PCTs agree to adopt a joint strategy of phased change to locally determine models of service that further enhanced community focused support and reduced reliance on specialist learning disability in-patient services and out of area placements;


·        That Commissioners ensured that admissions to in-patients units conformed to the admission process set out in Section 14 of the recently agreed service specification;


·        That the four boroughs and the PCT agree to a reduction in the number of commissioned in-patient beds, and that these should be placed together for reasons of efficiency, effectiveness and economy, with consideration for the most appropriate location to be subject of further discussion at the Alliance Board;


·        That, subject to local resource availability, and based on joint work between the PCT’s and the boroughs, early progress be made on the expansion of community services through pump-priming investment; 


·        That, a project was commissioned to review best practice, and provide detailed recommendations, by Autumn 2009 for the further development of community focused services, in relation to the anticipated release of £2m from current in-patient investment; and


·        That, Commissioners gave consideration to the in-patient bed requirement beyond 2010, in light of the planned expansion of community services, and secure appropriate approvals for decisions in relation to the renewal of the current contract.


Members noted the progress in Appendix 1 and the following recommendations set out in the report:-


·        1 – develop ‘model of care’;

·        2 – in-patient admissions;

·        3 – reduction of in-patient beds;

·        4 – community services (pump priming);

·        5 – best practice/pathway; and

·        6 – in-patient contractual requirements.

Mr C Bean, Primary Care Trust circulated a copy of the Stakeholder Engagement on the redesign of inpatient and community helath services for adults with learning disabilities at the meeting.


The following comments arose from the discussion:-



·        It was noted that in the economic climate and the changes in the NHS Reforms that services would need to be shared.  However, the importance of ensuring there was adequate services for the people of Halton was also noted;


·        Clarity was sought on the reduction of beds and the impact it would have on the people in the Borough.  In response, it was reported that beds were being reduced as they were not being utilised.  In addition,  people were being supported in the community and there was a commitment to ensure that what was commissioned for Halton would meet the needs of the community.  It was also reported that the monitoring framework would be more robust;


·        The reasons for some young people choosing to go to distant residential colleges and the actions being taken to address this was noted;


·        Clarity was sought on the amber light on Halton’s Education Work and Play.  It was also suggested that the Board receive an update report on the Employment Practices for disabled people scrutiny review from March 2010.  In response, it was reported that this was no green and information on this would be circulated to Members of the Board.




(1)                     the progress and the next steps of the implementation of the Model of Care be noted;


(2)                     the comments raised be noted.; and


(3)                     a progress report on the Employment Practices for disabled people be presented to a future meeting of the Board.