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The Mandate and Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Director, Communities, which informed the Members the publication of The Mandate and Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14 and the response to this by the Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).


The Board was advised that the first Mandate between the Government and the NHS Commissioning Board, had set out the ambitions for the health service for the next two years and had been published on 13th November 2012.  The Mandate reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to an NHS that remained comprehensive and universal – available to all, based on clinical need and not ability to pay – and that was able to meet patients’ needs and expectations now and in the future.


The Board was further advised that the NHS Mandate was structured around five key areas where the Government expected the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) to make improvements.  Through the Mandate, the NHS would be measured, for the first time, by how well it achieved the things that really mattered to people.  The Board noted the key objectives contained in the Mandate.


It was reported that Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14 set out how the NHS Commissioning Board intended to ensure that it, and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), delivered the requirements of the Mandate and the NHS Constitution.  Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14 had been published on 17th December 2012, with further guidance following on 21st December 2012. In addition, it was reported that the document and the supplementary guidance were very detailed and the headlines were summarised in the report for Members information.


Furthermore, it was reported that Halton CCG would also have to identify an additional three local priorities from those set out in Appendix 1 of the report against which it would make progress during the year. These priorities would be taken into account when determining whether the CCG should be rewarded through the Quality Premium.


The NHS CB had set out a planning timetable for CCGs that required the following:-


·                By 25th January 2013 CCGs to share first draft of plans with Area Team Director.  This had been achieved;


·                By 8th February 2013 Area Team Director to provide feedback to CCGs.  This work had been completed;


·                By 31st March 2013 all contracts signed off;


·                By 5th April 2013 final CCG plans shared with Area Team Director; and


·                By 31st May 2013 final CCG plans published as prospectus for local population.


It was reported that there would be a report presented to the meeting in June and then the Board would receive regular update reports.


The Board noted that there were significant challenges for providers to improve health care re infection i.e. MRSA. 


Clarity was sought on by 2016 that everyone would book duty appointments online and talk to their GP on line.  It was suggested that this could result in people who did not have access to online facilities being placed further down on the appointment list.  In response, it was reported that there would be a triage system in place and this was one way of dealing with the rising demand in NHS services.  In addition, it was reported that the biggest challenge was the GP workforce, many of whom would retire shortly.  It was highlighted that it was easier to get an appointment via the ticket system, as the appointment system made it more difficult to get an appointment. The ticket scheme had been piloted at Castlefields Health Centre and it had been successful.




(1)       The publication of the Mandate and Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14 and the concomitant requirements for the CCG, particularly in regard to the production of clear and credible commissioning plans be noted; and


(2)       The copy of the CCG’s Integrated Commissioning Strategy 2013-15 and an Integrated Delivery Plan for 2013/14 be presented for discussion at the next Board meeting in May 2013.



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