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Sci-Tech Daresbury Talent and Skills Action Plan


The Board considered a report from the Operational Director – Economy, Enterprise and Property, which provided an update on the delivery of Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Talent and Skills Action Plan. 


The Chair welcomed Mr John Leake, the Business Growth Director for Sci-Tech Daresbury, who gave a presentation to Members on the Talent and Skills Action Plan, which was appended to the report.


It was noted that the Sci-Tech Daresbury Talent and Skills Strategy was developed in 2021 and was a key component of the Sci-Tech Daresbury Strategy for Science, Innovation and Growth.  The Talent and Skills Strategy was being delivered through an Action Plan and sought to create an exciting, inspiring and high performing community at Sci-Tech Daresbury and beyond.


Mr Leake gave an introduction to Sci-Tech Daresbury and spoke about the campus community and the masterplan for the site, including the adjacent development of homes.  He outlined the challenges being faced by companies attracting talented people to come and work on campus, and the ambition to create 10,000 high value jobs by 2036.  He went on to introduce the Sci-Tech Daresbury RADAR – Talent and Skills Strategy, which aimed to promote and communicate their talent and skills initiatives – to attract, develop and retain talent.


He presented some success stories from their partnership working with the University of Liverpool and Cronton College as well as the delivery of management expertise through the campus Gold Partners and explained the work to date with Halton schools.  Data was also presented upto 2021 which showed that the Strategy was working and the skills shortages constraining growth had come down. 


Following Members questions, the following additional information was provided:


·         Not all jobs at Sci-Tech were science jobs – there were vacancies for staff in finance, administration and marketing roles for example;

·         Expertise from Michael Page targeted people of all ages.  Although they had the knowledge of companies’ skills shortages, it was up to a particular company as to whether they used their services;

·         Halton People into Jobs – they had worked with them and encourage them to get clients to send their CV’s to companies on the site;

·         A total of 12 local entrepreneurs had been recruited and were ready to offer live speeches or activities in schools for young people.  It was noted that there was a challenge currently in engaging with the secondary schools;

·         It was also planned to give additional talks at community centres in the Borough to raise awareness of Sci-Tech Daresbury and instil confidence in people to apply for jobs and/or plan a career with a company on the site;

·         Staff worked with both SEND and mainstream schools in the Borough to raise awareness of Sci-Tech Daresbury.  In addition, a piece of work was planned around diversity and inclusivity, which would also include educating the companies on site on the opportunities they could make available for people with special needs.  It was noted that there were already connections in place to identify people with special needs through DWP;

·         Work had been carried out with local primary schools to raise awareness of the site.  Windmill Hill Primary was highlighted by one Member concerning the barriers that existed for some of the residents in moving around the Borough and the aspirations of the children at the Primary School, which left them at a disadvantage.  It was noted that Windmill Hill Primary had already engaged with Sci-Tech Daresbury and they were aware of these barriers; and

·         Employment enquiries did come into Sci-Tech Daresbury from students and young people from different places such as Warrington, St Helens, Liverpool and other parts of Cheshire.


RESOLVED:  That the work of the Sci-Tech Daresbury Talent and Skills sub-group be noted.


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