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Household Support Fund - 2024/25 Scheme and Spending Plan

08/05/2024 - Household Support Fund - 2024/25 Scheme and Spending Plan

The Council has been allocated £1.3m from the Government’s Household Support Fund (tranche 5) for the six month period 1st April 2024 to 30th September 2024. This is intended to support the Borough’s most vulnerable households, especially those with children and pensioners.

Discussions have been held with relevant officers from across the Council and also with colleagues from the Voluntary Sector, to identify areas where the grant funding might be targeted to best meet the needs of the Borough’s most vulnerable households.

The attached report presents the results of that work and includes a Spending Plan, to ensure spending is properly managed and reported upon in accordance with recently received Government guidance.

There is a need to put arrangements in place as soon as possible now, to ensure the funding is fully utilised and delivered promptly. In particular, there is a need to procure free school meals vouchers in time for the Summer half-term school holiday.

Therefore urgent approval is sought to enable the Scheme and Spending Plan to be implemented as soon as possible.