Election results for PCC Voting Area

Police and Crime Commissioner - Combined Elections 2021 - Thursday, 6th May, 2021

PCC Voting Area - results
Election Candidate Party 1st Pref % 2nd Pref % Total Outcome
John Vincent Dwyer The Conservative Party Candidate 99565 45% 12397 43% 111962 Elected
David Michael Keane Labour and Co-operative Party 83329 37% 16134 57% 99463 Not elected
Jo Conchie Liberal Democrats 32348 14% Not elected
Nick Goulding Reform UK 8258 4% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 223500
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 1st count 3981
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 2nd count 5240
Rejected ballot papers
Description1st Count2nd Count
being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty1082801
No selection10754429
voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to132110
want of an official mark4970
writing or mark by which voter could be identified60
Total rejected39815240