Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 13th July, 2022 4.00 p.m., Schools Forum

Venue:   To be held remotely - contact Clerk for access

Contact:    Ann Jones - Tel: 0151 511 8276 or email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Tom McInerney Member Present
Karl Landrum Public Present
Jane O'Connor Public Present
Thalia Bell Public Apologies, sent representative
Jackie Coughlan Public Present
Nigel Hunt Public Present
Jim Wilson Public Absent
Elaine Haver Public Present
Angela Sheppard Public Present
Judith McConville Public Present
Heather Austin Public Present
Ian Critchley Public Apologies, sent representative
Claire Dalton Public Present
Cathy Liku Public Present
Ann Jones Officer Present
Anne Jones Officer Present
Naheem Shafiq Officer Present
Rebecca Sprigings Officer Expected
Adrian Leach Officer Present
Jill Farrell Officer Present