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Objections to Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders, Weston Point, Runcorn


          The Sub-Committee was advised that a previous meeting of the Environmental and Urban Renewal Policy and Performance Board on 15th June 2011 considered a petition concerning heavy industrial traffic on South Parade, Weston Point, Runcorn. A number of recommendations were approved that included:


-         proposals to review existing direction signs and re-signed routes to   industrial sites;


-         to introduce a time limited restriction on South Parade and Sandy     Lane; and


-         the review of existing waiting restrictions in the area.


          Members were advised that despite revised signing in the area and the best efforts of local businesses to direct their traffic away from South Parade, complaints continued from residents relating to heavy industrial traffic using South Parade. In order to address this issue and in an attempt to respond to the concerns of residents and local Councillors, proposed Traffic Regulation Orders were advertised to: impose prescribed movements on vehicles exiting private entrances on Picow Farm Road (between the Weston Point Expressway and Sandy Lane); to impose an overnight 7.5 tonne vehicle weight restriction on the full adopted length of South Parade, parts of Sandy Lane and Lydiate Lane and other adjacent roads; and finally to amend existing waiting restrictions on various roads. The full details of these Traffic Regulation Order proposals together with the objections received from Councillor Hodgkinson, Ineos Enterprises, Ineos ChlorVinyls and a 28 name petition were set out in detail in the report.


          Following consideration of the objections/suggestions received it was proposed that the Traffic Regulation Orders should proceed, although a deferment of the Prescribed Route Order was recommended.


          RESOLVED: That


(1)  notice be given of the Council’s intention to create those vehicle weight restriction and waiting restriction Traffic Regulation Orders as  set out in the report;


(2) the prescribed Movement Order not be implemented at this stage, subject to the agreement of the adjacent properties to amend their exist to prevent HGVs from making the advertised prohibited movements; and


(3) objectors be notified accordingly.

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